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Steve Marquis and Jerry Emerson presented the Jallao painting to Keith Post, the Director of the St. Mary’s Submarine Museum while attending the 2017 WWII Submarine Veterans Memorial Service at the Kings Bay Submarine Base.


Introducing “SSSBS”

The SUBRON SIX SMOKE BOAT SISTERS (SSSBS) comprises 27 diesel submarines that spent as few as 1 and as many as 23 years attached to Submarine Squadron Six – Norfolk, Virginia. The Jallao was part of Subron Six for one year (54-55). Next reunion for the organization will be in August 2019. For more information follow this link, SSSBS.


Past survey questions:

8/17/17 Jallao picture given to the Association to be donated

          9/5/17 Picture donated to the St. Maries Submarine Museum (Link)