2009 Reunion


Anthony and Barbara Basilio

Darrell and Patricia Best

Don and Norma Booker

Bruce and Katherine Bradbury

Gil and Mary Carlson

Leonard, Dawn, and Cody Caruso

Terry and Mary Conaty

Steve and Mickey Croom

Jerry and Peggy Emerson

Jan Van Eycke

Steve Estrada and Betty Cornwell

Harold Farley

Al and Carol Ferdinansen

Lane Friel

Monte and Shelley Gill

Mark Glaedey

Billy Gorsuch

Joel and Judy Grainger

Rick Grissom

J.B. and Mary Helms

Earl and Carol Johnson

John Kaechele and Kathey Delany

John and Patricia Hanniford

Joe Marinelli

Steve and Penny Marquis

Inez McDermott

John and Jean Mills

Daniel and Irene Moran

Larry and Roberta Musto

Albert James Pappas & Margaret Wessinger Woeber

Joel Parris

Jerry Pilger and Guest

John Ranelli

Dave and Janet Rocheville

Charles Schwartz