USS Jallao SS-368

2013 Reunion

Sailing List

Bill and Kae Allen

Anthony and Barbara Basilio

Darrell and Patty Best

John and Nancy Branch

Don and Denise Bransford

Charles and Bonnie Breese

John Brown

Phil Burnett

Lenny Caruso

Terry Conaty

Frank and Marsha Conti

Steve and Mickey Croom

Roger “Hoot” Gibson

Jerry and Peg Emerson and Guest

Alan and Carol Ferdinandsen

Mark Glaedey and Guest

Henry Gadreault and Guest

Sherman and Linda Harkins

Domenic and Virginia Iammarino

Earl and Carol Johnson

Joe and Elois Marinelli

Steve and Penny Marquis

Jack Parker

Joel and Joan Parris

Dave and Janet Rocheville

Gary and Patricia Schoepfel

Ernie Smith-

Art and Sue Sradeja

Pete and Angie Thompson

Jan Van Eycke

Richard and Darlene Whitemire